Fact Sheets

Current Policy Fact Sheets

MRVP Fact Sheet

Key Programs Fact Sheet (MRVP, EA and HomeBASE)

The 2017 Visioning Day Report with a full list of budget and legislative priorities

Community Meetings

March 2018 Community Meeting Flyer

January 2018 Community Meeting Flyer

December 2017 Community Meeting Flyer

November 2017 Community Meeting Flyer

October 2017 Community Meeting Flyer

September 2017 Community Meeting Flyer

DESE Fact Sheet McKinney Vento

July 2017 Community Meeting Flyer

June 2017 Community Meeting Flyer

May 2017 Community Meeting Flyer

April 2017 Community Meeting Flyer

Policy Information

FY2019 MRVP Fact Sheet

FY2018 MRVP Fact Sheet

FY2018 Budget Priorities

FY18 Senate Budget Amendment Outcomes

FY18 Conference Committee Recommendations Chart

FY18 HFF Conference Committee Letter

FY18 Analysis Chart with Conference Committee

FY18 Conf Com Preliminary Analysis

FY18 Analysis Chart with H1 and HWM

Initial Update on Senate Ways and Means FY18 Budget

FY2017 Advocacy Outcomes Fact Sheet

House Amendments Fact Sheet

Amendment 344 EA Fact Sheet

House Amendments Cosponsors

Budget Testimony Template


List of Free Immigration Consultant Agencies

Flyer on Immigrant Tax Preparations

MA Alliance of YMCAs Site List

Project Bread Summer Foods App

Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston Summer Camps Flyer

Visioning Day Documents

Visioning Day Flyer for Families

Visioning Day Recruiting Families Tips

Visioning Day Group Registration Form

Visioning Day Child Pre-Registration Form

Visioning Day 2016 Actualizing Our Vision Overall Priorities

Visioning Day 2016 Report

“Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly. I can never be what I ought to be until you are what you ought to be.”

-Martin Luther King Jr.