Our Testimonies

Below are quotes from families overcoming homelessness who have testified or presented their story in front of the public and the legislature.

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“It’s a fragile structure that we function in, trying to gain, acquire, contribute, stay up to date and not fall apart.”

“As a child I hated being poor with no place to call home & as an adult I feel the same way."

Nobody wants to say, I live in that shelter, right there.”

“While I am so grateful for shelter I must admit it’s hard to parent for 27 months in that kind of setting, especially when so many things about living in someone else’s’ home can make you feel more like a child than an adult.”

“The moment that I realize that no matter what I did going forward we were going to be homeless I was scared .. I was overwhelmed. I sat at south station with my baby who at the time was 8 months old for six hours. “

“During my time in the motel I bonded with other parents who shared with me their stories, other moms who were not at all lazy, these moms who woke up early everyday looking for clues to the puzzle. Our children played together in the motel while we strategized and shared information about what list might be opening and how we might get to these places to fill out the applications.”

“I’m grateful that I had the motel when I needed it, I’m grateful I had the shelter when I got in."

But I have never been comfortable, all of this time…. I’ve been homeless.”

“All I want…… is what I NEED.”