Worcester News Tonight Charter 3 TV: August 13, 2015: We hope for the families and providers, that they feel heard, they have a chance to share their ideas, give input, and a chance for them to hear directly from policy makers, and a chance to really unify and come together as a group to talk about solutions and what we all want to see- Libby Hayes, HFF

WGBH with Jim Braude: August 3, 2015: What we see is that families want to work, want to get ahead, and want to provide for their families, but when you see the systemic issues that get in the way, that create disincentives, that get discouraging, that create barriers...how do you create a pathway without obstacles so that families can get ahead? -Libby Hayes, HFF

Bloomberg Business Week: May 6, 2014: A Pennsylvania legislative committee study also questioned whether an ID was worth the cost. The 2012 study found that while current SNAP cards cost 23 cents, requiring a photo ID would cost about $8 for each card. They also “are limited in their ability to prevent some of the most common types of fraud,” the study said.

Spare Change News: March 7, 2014: "It was Allyson Fannon’s third Cookie Day. When she attended in 2011, she was living in a shelter with her young daughter. Thanks to Homes for Families, they now live in an apartment in Dorchester. She is also on the organization’s board of directors and has frequent speaking engagements and shelter visits."

Wicked Local: Malden: March 14, 2014: "The situation is dire, but it does not have to be," she said. "If we want to reduce the demand for shelter, we can — not through strict eligibility requirements, but through prevention…eviction prevention works."

State House News: February 25, 2014: "...we appreciate the governor’s wanting to expand the shelter system to accommodate the need but we need to couple that with an investment in housing, the actual solution that’s going to move families out of homelessness.” - Diane Sullivan, HFF

The Boston Globe: February 24, 2014: The voucher program “is a critical tool in reducing homelessness and providing safe, affordable, permanent housing in Massachusetts,” said Honan, chairman of the Housing Committee in the House.

WWLP: February 24, 2014: "Homes for Families says the extra $30 million would help approximately 3,000 more families move from shelters and hotels into permanent homes."

WGBH News: February 24, 2014: “Congregate housing is the new affordable housing. Money is being wasted in the sense that we’re spending so much on short-term solutions and so much on hotels. But we can’t just stop everything and put children in the street and say, ‘Hold on, we’re going to build housing now.’ So it’s hard, and that’s the trap.” -Libby Hayes

The Republic: January 1, 2014: "This long-term instability has me completely out of character that I'm so fed up and overwhelmed," (Altia) Taylor, told a Statehouse committee recently. "If I could figure out a way to pay market rate, I would. If I could own my own home, I would. I would have done it a long time ago."

BNN: December 19, 2013: TV Interview with Libby Hayes

WBUR: December 17, 2013: Radio interview with Libby Hayes, Undersecretary Gornstein, Michael Goodman and Bruce Gellerman

WBUR: December 16, 2013: “People don’t choose homelessness, people do not choose poverty,” said Diane Sullivan, policy director at the Boston-based advocacy organization, Homes for Families. ”You could be working two jobs...You could never sleep, you could never be there to care for your children and you still wouldn’t be able to pay the rent. That’s the reality.”

The Boston Herald: December 14, 2013: "Nobody understands the process,” O'Connell said. “It seems that there should have been a lot more education starting back in August when they knew this was going into effect.”

The Boston Globe: December 9, 2013: "Massachusetts has the sixth-highest median rent in the nation as the supply of rental housing has failed to keep up with the surge in renters following the recent housing collapse and foreclosure crisis, according to the study from Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies. More than one in four renters here and nationally must spend more than half their income on their housing, a level the report described as “unimaginable just a decade ago.”

The Boston Globe: December 2, 2013: “The economy is not working,” (Libby) Hayes said. “How do we expect people from the lowest income tier to make it if people who have had opportunities can’t?”

The Boston Globe; September 11, 2013: " It is well past the time to be aggressively addressing the lack of affordable housing in the Commonwealth."- Libby Hayes

The Daily Free Press; September 5, 2013: “We have a shortage of housing in general, so we need an aggressive housing agenda, which is cheaper than hotels. We need to be spending that money differently.” - Libby Hayes

The Berkshire Eagle; August 30, 2013: "We're going to redouble our efforts. ... We're not changing the goal."- Undersecretary Aaron Gornstein

The Boston Occupier; March 7, 2013: “We are here for the families, the poor and the homeless, and we are going to take the conversation back. We do not choose to be homeless, we do not choose to be poor – but we do choose to exercise our right to be heard, especially in this house…We are changing the conversation – we take it back.” -Diane Sullivan

Wicked Local; February 25, 2013: “The Mass. Rental Voucher Program is a critical component of the state’s strategy to help get families into stable housing.”- Rep. Carl Sciortino, D-Medford

The Boston Globe; January 08, 2013: "It will take families, neighborhoods, and communities to come together to support our poorest neighbors."- Libby Hayes, Op-Ed