Hello my name Jennifer I have a nine month old son and we live in shelter. I have been in shelter since January 2007. When I first became homeless I felt abandoned, there was no where for me to go.

I spent a full 8-5 hour day at DTA waiting for placement. I was placed in shelter after being in a hotel in Cambridge with no way to cook or refrigerate food. It was humiliating because the hotel was a mix of paying customers and homeless families and every one knew exactly who we were. We were kept separate, because we could not afford the going rate. Days later we were was placed in shelter. I had never been in a shelter before and neither had my son, all of his eating habits changed as a direct result of being in an unfamiliar environment.

I also found it depressing and stressful to live in an unfamiliar environment, I was born and raised in Quincy Mass. When I first got to East Boston it was a culture shock for me. Now although I have adjusted for the most part, I still have to take three trains and a bus back and forth to my job. I could have left this job and found employment elsewhere however, this job was the only stable thing I had left.In addition to the fact that the job was familiar and stable, it is very hard to find flexible hours that accommodate the shelter schedule.

It has been six months and I continue to search vigorously. I have found it emotionally challenging to live with so many other people and pray to be housed soon for the sake of my baby. He deserves so much more, along with all the other children in shelter. I am in need of a subsidy but they are so hard to obtain. I ask for more funding for MRVP and public housing so that I can afford to put a roof over my sons head. Please remember us when you make decisions on regarding MRVP and housing!