Other Ways to Help

Join the Efforts to End Family Homelessness in Massachusetts

  • Become a “professional volunteer” by encouraging your company to provide in kind support- such as website assistance, fundraising, staff mentoring, and donating office supplies.
  • Sponsor a family in our Leadership Development Institute.
  • Organize an event to raise awareness at your work, school, church, or other groups with Homes for Families.
  • Arrange a fundraising event to benefit Homes for Families or a family homelessness program in your community.
  • Contact your legislators: tell them that you are concerned about family homelessness in the commonwealth.
  • Write letters to the editor on the subject of family homelessness.
  • Organize others to respond to action alerts and contact their legislators.
  • Arrange a donation drive for useful items such as kitchen baskets for new homes, toiletries, gift cards, and school supplies.
  • Inform your friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, and acquaintances about Homes for Families and the belief that we will end homelessness in the Commonwealth.
  • Volunteer: Become a student mentor (www.onefamilyinc.org) , a parent mentor (www.wellspringhouse.org), a Playspace Volunteer (www.horizonsforhomelesschildren.org), or contact a local shelter and ask about opportunities for tutoring, organizing donations, meal service or for other volunteer opportunities.

To brainstorm/initiate other ways to be involved with HFF and ending family homelessness, contact us at jminton@homesforfamilies.org.

"We all experience hardships, be it emotionally or financially, but no child should have to suffer as a result. No child should ever have to experience homelessness."