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Your contribution will help the movement to end family homelessness and help us to empower families to end the cycle of poverty.

How can your donation help?

  • $2,500 sponsors 15 parents for an entire Public Policy Series
    • So what does that mean? That means that families in shelter will have the oppotunity to be educated and informed about the policy process, and equipped with tools to turn their personal "problems" into policy solutions
  • $1,000 sponsors a Legislative Breakfast
    • Our legislative breakfasts bring families and shelters to the forefront of the conversation, bringing their insights and experience to the community and educating legislators about specific problems in their specific community. #effective
  • $300 sponsors a focus group
    • Focus groups allow us to draw on the lived wisdom of families and shelter providers to make recommendations that work to policy makers
  • $100 sponsors dinner for a meeting
    • But not just any meeting- a Consumer Advocacy Team meeting. What kind of community organization would we be if we didn't feed the CATs (and their kittens!) in exchange for their time, empathy and understanding of the issue? Basic needs, then systemic change.
  • $50 sponsors a public speaking event
    • Remember that time when someone wouldn't listen to you when you had really great things to say? Erase that frustrating and sad memory by giving a family an opportunity to tell their story so that their children can have a different one in the future.
  • $25 sponsors a focus group participant
    • Show a family that you value their experience and wisdom by enabling them to share it with us, and ultimately, the community.
  • It’s a tough time for Homes for Families to be doing this work to end family homelessness, but we remain committed to a better way. Homes for Families’ members are advocating for a coordinated effort to end family homelessness and to ensure families have stable housing.

    Efforts focus on prevention of homelessness, production of affordable housing, adequate funding for family shelters, and education and training to increase and stabilize income.Even in the midst of the crisis we are experiencing success, winning resources for housing and prevention, holding back the worst of state budget cuts to shelter, and gaining new allies in our work. In these difficult times, our strong clear advocacy voice is needed now more than ever.

    We also have cause for hope. Through our public policy series, parents who had once been homeless are coming together to learn about public policy. And they are now lifting their voices as advocates for change. They are returning to shelters to educate other homeless parents, registering them to vote, and engaging them in advocacy.

    Thank you beliving in our work, our families and #OurVoice.

    We truly cannot do it without you.

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    "We all experience hardships, be it emotionally or financially, but no child should have to suffer as a result. No child should ever have to experience homelessness."